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Heath & Heather Organic Infusion

         Heath & Heather was established in 1920 by Samuel Ryder, an entrepreneur whose fortune was first made selling garden seeds in ‘penny packets’. Samuel’s elder brother, James, was a keen herbalist producing books on Herbal Remedies for a post-World War population looking for natural, preventative healthcare.

“Our Herbal Remedies are Nature’s cures – and Nature, by slowly and surely getting down to the cause of the trouble, is always right.”

– The Famous Book of Herbal Aids to Health & Fitness, Heath & Heather Ltd. 1938

Heath & Heather is tailored to your tastes, your moods and your needs. We want you to explore the world of tea that we reside in; to try something new and discover the best version of you that you can be. Obey your thirst for the raw power of nature and become a healthier, happier superhuman!

Explore here and restore your 'best self' with our range of 100% natural infusions; each made using nature's finest botanicals, herbs and roots.

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