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This infusion delivers vitamin C and iron, detoxifies the body and helps reduce inflammation. If your body needs a tonic, or if arthritis or hay fever is getting you down, this infusion can help get you back on the road to wellbeing. The only new now, we are replacing the normal nettle tea with organic Nettle tea.

Organic Nettle

  • Medicinal benefits: Nettle has a plethora of medicinal actions. It is full of vitamins and minerals (notably vitamin C and iron) making it the perfect choice for anyone feeling rundown or anaemic. As an anti-histamine it is extremely useful for hay fever or allergy sufferers. It detoxifies the body by increasing urine production and the elimination of waste products. This in turn reduces the build up of uric acid in the joints and, coupled with its anti-inflammatory action and ability to increase circulation, makes it an invaluable treatment for arthritis and also kidney problem. Ingredients: Organic Nettle (100%)
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