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There was once 1984 in Dorset, a small province on the south coast of England. This is where the first CUPPER tea was mixed and since then we have been producing our delicious CUPPER organic teas there. 

        Here at CUPPER we believe in the many small ways we can do good. In keeping with our motto "natural, fair & delicious" - we therefore only use the purest and highest quality organic ingredients for the production of our teas and infusions and pay a fair price for our tea.

So put a CUPPER tea bag in the cup right away, lean back and enjoy the tastiest way to do something good.

* are trademarks from Clipper UK


Sip by sip, we make the world more beautiful. We have been working with Fairtrade for years and today are very proud to be the worlds largest brand for to be fair trade tea.

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