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Testimoni dari Salasiah Kasim! - RLT


August 18, 2011 at 10:08pm

Salasiah Kasim

Sori la Zairol. x sempat lg nk cerita kt depa ni. Actually xdak la secara tiba2. tp agak mudah kalau nk dibandingkan dgn yg 1st & 2nd. utk pengetahuan semua due date saya 15 jul 2011. 3 weeks before due, saya dh start minum sbb ingatkan del...iver awal. anak 1st & 2nd mmg deliver awal. sampailah tinggal lg 1 uncang (kalau x silap 3-4 hari b4 due), saya stop minum sbb nak spare masa hari nk bersalin. sampai due date, xdak sebarang tanda nk bersalin. tp awal pagi on 16 jul dah terasa contraction. ambik timing, every 8-10 min tp masih boleh tahan sakitnya. lgpun xdak sebarang tanda. so bangun pagi after breakfast, buat air teh ni. ada la dlm 1.5L kot sbb this is the last uncang. minum sikit teh tu and then pegi hosp for check up. sampai hosp, dah x sakit. Dr check dah terbukak dlm 2-3cm. tp Dr ckp lambat lg sbb masih "tinggi". nak confirm ada contraction ke tak, Dr advice suruh buat CTG. mmg betul ada contraction 8-10min. so Dr bg option nk stay kt hosp atau blk rumah dulu. tp Dr dah pesan kalau sakit every 5 min, immediately dtg hosp. saya nk blk rmh sbb hosp dekat ja. sampai mlm, contraction masih sama, 8-10min dan x berapa sakit sgt (pada saya x sakit la) dan xdak sebarang tanda nk bersalin pun. air teh dah habis ptg tu. malam tu saya tido mcm biasa. Tp pkl 1 pagi on 17th saya terjaga, terasa sakit sgt. pastu ambik timing. but still 8-10 min. sampai la dh x blh tahan, pkl 1.30am terus pegi hosp. sampai hosp, terus pegi labor room. masa tu pkl 1.45 kot. bidan yg bertugas pun check tp baru 3-4cm. dia ckp lambat lg ni. tp saya ckp dah x tahan sgt sakitnya. lps saya tukar baju hosp, masuk balik labor room, bidan check sekali lg, dh 6-7cm pastu bagi injection utk kurangkan sakit. masa tu dh pkl 2.30am kot. mmg sakit sgt2 mcm dh nak bersalin. bidan terus call Dr. by the time Dr dtg, mmg terus saya push. 3 x push, Alhamdulillah selamat..... Tuan Ameer Muhaimin melihat dunia dgn berat 2.8kg pada pkl 3.15am. so sapa2 yg ada adik beradik, sedara mara, kawan2 yg nk bersalin, boleh la cuba Raspberry leaf tea ni. mmg sgt bagus nak kurangkan rasa sakit dan percepatkan proses bersalin.


Testimony 2 - RLT


  •   Teh O Ais posted on Malaysia Raspberry Leaf Tea's Wall


  • Malaysia Raspberry Leaf Tea

Thursday, December 8, 2011 10:03 AM

. "da lama nk bg testimoni tp asyik lupa aje. Saya minum tea ni masa minggu ke 37. Due date sy 30 jun n sy selamat melahirkn baby sulung sy 26 jun. Sy gi spital kul 11 mlm, mula2 nurse tu suh sy blk dulu coz bukaan br 1 cm, masih takde tanda keluar darah or water break n since ni anak 1st dia kata normally lambat nurse sorang lg suh sy stay sbb actually sy da mula rs sakit contraction yg every 10 mins tu. Alhamdullilah dlm kul 3.30am sy dah slamat bersalin normal. Raspberry tea ni mmg bagus..apa pun kita hanya berusaha tp allah yg menentukan. Good luck to bakal2 ibu!" 

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Testimony 3 - RLT

Dari Yana Tahir

my testimoni: saya da mnum 2 kotak & tgh tggu kotak ke 3. saya mnum ini utk rawatan kesuburan. saya terbaca kt 1 forum tentang teh ni boleh membantu menebalkan lapisan dinding rahim/uterine lining so tht keadaan rahim sesuai utk implantation. x smpai sekotak da nmpk kesan, sblum tu UT saya cuma 4.5mm jer tebalnyer.. tp pas seminggu mnum strt dr 1st day period, UT da jd 7.5mm.. da hmpir normal iaitu 8mm and above.. cuma skrg msih blum ade rezeki kami lg nk dpt baby..

lg 1, klu utk kesuburan, cuma boleh mnum sebelum ovulation jer, pas ovulation kena stop..


Testimony 4 - RLT

Fazirah Abd

I started consuming RRL tea in my 35th week and continue until labor day itself. I only had 1 box and finished up every sachet within the four weeks. I homebirthed my first baby on 39w5d and my labor was about 5 hours long, pushing stage lasted for 1-2 hours. I personally think that RRL was a good uterus toner, that I had very strong, powerful, regular rhythm of surges which took me a considerably short labor contrary to popular belief that first childbirth labor would drag longer. I didn't take daily, but always had it in high concentration - one sachet in 500ml or less. I only had two or three gulps at a time, and half a liter usually consumed in 2 days. I am not sure about other people, but I believe this has to do with your current wellness and biology too. It work for me this way, might not work for you. But I would also recommend RRL for post labor, because it helps the mother to regain the lost energy, shrink the placenta and you feel a lot fresher after the hard work.

Sunday at 1:33am · Like


Testimony 5 - RLT

Testimony from Fanpage Wall -Adelina Mathews-Adachi June 18 at 11:27pm


Adelina Mathews-Adachi

June 18 at 11:27pm

Just to let everyone know, I ordered the Raspberry Leaf tea from this link online and received my delivery promptly. I was 37 weeks pregnant, and I drank this tea every day. In my 39th week, I felt light contractions in the morning and by the time I went to the hospital, I delivered the baby within 40 minutes!! This tea really help speed the birthing process and it wasn't expensive at all! Really worth it! Thank you!


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Testimony 6 - Night Time Tea
  • From:  Christine Chay

Message My friend gave me a box to try after hearing I have sleeping disorder. I used to waking up 2-3 times in the middle of the night for no reason; and this has been on going for years until my friend shared the benefit of this "Night Time" tea last week. After trying out the 1st time, I slept well and only woke up at 5am the next morning; and I continue the tea in the last 4 days, I had really good rest. I placed an online order 2 days ago and just received the package with a few tea samples and brochures, am really looking forward to more good sleep and surely recommend this benefit of the "Night Time" tea bag. Thank you for bringing in such a good product and it is really a great help to people who are having the similar symptom. I also wish to thank my friend, Sheena for sharing the info with me. She got her stocks all the way from Singapore because she didn't know we can actually buy the tea locally. She will place order thru online from now on.


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