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Welcome to a Organic Green Tea with Moroccan mint as a new family member in Organic and Antioxidant Range. One box contained 20 sachets with sealed envelop. Green tea is good choice for those who like to drink antioxidant booster with some mint flavor. 

Organic Green Tea with Moroccan Mint

  • Medical & Health Benefits: Green tea is high in antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage in the body. It reduces the occurrence of a wide range of cancers and supports the cardiovascular system. It is thought to reduce the incidence of heart attacks and stroke and also lowers cholesterol. Besides many other cancer, research has shown that green tea's anti-inflammatory qualities also may prevent prostate tumor growth, and enjoying green tea regularly may protect you from developing this disease at all. While Moroccan Mint is a great herb, it can be used as digestive ailments aka stomach ache, as well as making your breath smell better and tasting pretty good. Ingredients: Organic Green Tea 90%, Spearmint 5%, Mint Flavouring 3.75%, Maltodextrin 1.25%
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