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End your day on the right note with this infusion. Subtle floral aromas and calming spearmint help you sink into the bliss of total relaxation.

Each box have 20 sachets of tea packed with individual envelope. Save space to bring along.

Organic Night Time

  • Medicinal benefits: Camomile is traditionally used to soothe the nervous system, relax the body and ease tension headaches to promote sound sleep. Spearmint relaxes the peripheral blood vessels and this cooling effect helps alleviate headaches. Both herbs have a cooling affect on the skin and camomile has a marked anti-histamine action. This makes it ideal for treating hot, itchy skin conditions, allergies and hay fever. Camomile and spearmint work together in the digestive tract by reducing acidity and nausea, stimulating digestion and alleviating abdominal cramps. This blend also contains orange blossoms, limeflowers, lemongrass, passionflower and rosebuds, all known for their sedative and calming properties. Passionflower is a well known traditional remedy for insomnia making this the perfect choice for anyone who finds it difficult to switch off, or get to sleep.
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