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Same with normal raspberry leaf but this box come with individual pack or envelop, this infusion provides a nourishing alternative to black tea while topping up your vitamins and minerals. Raspberry leaf is traditionally used in late pregnancy to help the body prepare for labour and to encourage breast milk.

Ingredients: Raspberry leaves (30%), Hibiscus (25%), Apple Pomace (22%), Blackberry leaves (13%), Raspberry Flavouring (2.5%), Rosehips (1%), Raspberry fibres (1%)

WARNING: This product should be avoided by those in early stage of pregnancy. If in doubt seek medical advice

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Raspberry leaf has a high vitamin and mineral content that is essential for wellbeing. Late in pregnancy it can be useful to help tone the uterus and improve contractions during childbirth. After the baby is born, raspberry leaf helps the uterus to return to normal and encourages breast milk to start flowing. It is also used outwith pregnancy to support the female reproductive system. The anti-inflammatory action of raspberry leaf helps to reduce gastric inflammation and it is a gentle remedy for diarrhoea.
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