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  • Specialist for Organic Herb & Spice since 1988
  • 100% Natural and 100% Kosher
  • Ethically source from approved Organic Organization with Europe Soil Association
  • Packaging without plastic, palm oil free products, CO2 neutral economies and direct trade with organic farmers
  • Contained 70g of Organic Lavender Flowers in loose form
  • Pleasure in purple, stay happy and comfort feeling especially in the evening.
  • The flavor is flowery, sweet, slightly bitter and slightly reminiscent of rosemary.
  • Preparation: one tea spoon per one cup (200 ml), add boiling water and let it infuse 5 – 10 min.
  • Country of Manufacturer: Austria, Material Origin: France
  • Wonderful, harmony yet comfort feeling especially in the evening
  • Smells spicy-sweet with hints of lemon and mint.
  • Flavor is flowery, sweet, slightly bitter and slightly reminiscent of rosemary.
  • Beautiful yellow-purple color of the tea
  • Expired: Oct 2023

Sonnentor Organic Lavender Tea - Loose tea (70g)

  • Fine floral and sweet in taste, lavender tea goes wonderfully well with fruity and creamy desserts. If lavender could speak, it would probably let us into the secret that "strength lies in peace". Those who have travelled through the south of France during summer know the fragrant violet-flowering lavender fields. Lavender successfully chases away bugs from cupboards and boxes, and it served as a protection against evil spirits in the olden days.

    Lavender tea will bring your mind to the sunny French Provence and remind you of the hot and blooming taste of summer. Its flavour is mildly sweet and at the same time, sensually spicy. The smell of lavender evokes purity. The tea tastes great hot in winter and also cold in summer. You can sip it freshly brewed, lukewarm or iced. It can be used as a basis for making homemade lavender lemonade, as a liquid ingredient for mixing a refreshing smoothie or for making homemade ice creams with unique taste and aroma. Dried lavender flowers can also be used to make homemade scented ornaments, small scented bags and others. Also, lavender is disliked by food and clothes moths, so it can help you get rid of them.

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