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  • Specialist for Organic Herb & Spice since 1988
  • 100% Natural and 100% Kosher
  • Ethically source from approved Organic Organization with Europe Soil Association
  • Packaging without plastic, CO2 neutral economies and direct trade with organic farmers
  • Contained 27g in total for 18 tea bag with envelope
  • Benefits: Invigorates sluggish liver and enhances liver detox functions.
  • biodynamically grown and specially blended to give this tea blend a stronger aroma and healing effect
  • Ingredients: Spearmint (without menthol), yarrow, dandelion leaves, fennel, lemongrass, marigold, caraway.
  • Manufacturer: Austria,
  • Expired : Oct 2023

Sonnentor Liberate Your Liver Organic Tea (18 sachets)

  • Take care of your body and do something good for your liver! This mixture is just right if you want to support your hard-working body, because it helps to detoxify the liver. The tea shimmers rich amber and has an intense aroma of dandelion, fennel and lemongrass with a mild, fresh mint on the finish. With food, it works wonderfully with piquant meat dishes. Just try it – and liberate your liver!

    Suggested Serving:

    Put a sachet into a cup of hot boiling water, and steep for 5 – 10 minutes.

    Storage Instructions Keep at cool dry place.

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