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  • Brand Name: Ridgways Tea - Teas of character since 1836

  • Product Name: Item Form : Tea Bags (40 sachets wrapped in one aluminium foil for extra freshness)

  • Net Weight: 125 gram

  • Flavour : Fairtrade black tea (98.7%) and natural bergamot oil
  • Contain : Full 3.12g per Tea Bag; up to 56% More than the major organic/non organic Earl Grey competitors
  • Product Description: Only use the freshest leaves from tea bushes that are allowed to grow slowly and naturally.

Ridgways Organically Grown Tea Earl Grey, 40 sachets

SKU: TE40052
  • A good Earl Grey Tea begins with good black tea. Ridgways Earl Grey uses tea leaves from Nilgiri, India in the area's beautiful Blue Mountains. Then, the tea leaves are blended with oil of bergamot (the main ingredient in Earl Grey) to achieve a citrus aroma and taste. Ridgway Tea is part of the Typhoo Tea Company. All Ridgways Teas are made in England, under care of the company's master tea blender. You can be assured of the highest quality.

    Suggested Use: Always fill your kettle with fresh, cold water every time you make tea. If you use previously boiled water, all the oxygen in the water will be gone by the time it boils a second time. The oxygen in the water is necessary to bring out the full flavor in a cup of tea. First, bring the water to a rolling boil. Then, pour water in a mug over the tea bag. Ridgways recommends using 1 tea bag per cup. Allow tea to steep for 3 minutes and remove the tea bag. Sweeten to taste. Recommendations: Traditionally, the tea was served in the afternoon or early evening along with mild cheeses, cakes, tarts or creamy desserts. It can be sweetened or can use a slice of lemon.

                      Ridgways of London was founded in 1836 when Thomas Ridgway opened his first tea shop in England's capital city. He quickly became well regarded for scouring the world for unique and exquisite teas from the finest tea gardens and then blending these to perfection. Such was the strong reputation the company developed, in 1886 Ridgways was requested to produce a tea for Queen Victoria's own personal use and indeed was later appointed as tea merchants to King George VI. Today the Ridgways Tea Company continues this tradition and so remains the choice of the true tea connoisseur.

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