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Nelson Honey’s Honeydew is dark in colour, with a similar taste to golden syrup or treacle. This runny honey does not crystallise in cooler temperatures and is delicious with plain yoghurt, on toast, in drinks (smoothies!) or with your cereal each morning.

In contrast to most other honeys, Honeydew Honey is not a floral honey. Instead it is the product of two insect types working to create a delicious and unique honey. Small scale-insects inhabit the beech forests and produce a sticky liquid which is collected by honeybees foraging in remote native Black Beech forests in the South Island of New Zealand. Honeydew is only sourced in certain areas of New Zealand and if you’ve been out tramping around the South Island you will have picked up on the sweet honey smell around some Beech forests and the sound of bees, wasps and Tuis that are all drawn to the drops of Honeydew sticking out from the bark of Beech trees.

Nelson Honey mainly collect their Honeydew Honey from the pristine Nelson Lakes area inland from Nelson City where the environment is clean and natural and unaffected by pollution.

Honeydew Honey contains complex sugars called Oligosaccharides, it also contains higher levels of antioxidants compared to other floral honeys.

Honeydew Honey 250g

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  • Pioneering Beekeepers Since 1899

    Nelson Honey is owned by 4th generation pioneers who skillfully work with bees to craft natural health and skincare products. It is this experience that makes Nelson Honey’s products sought after globally. As one of the largest family-owned honey business in New Zealand we manage the entire production and distribution process of our bee products in-house - from our own Manuka covered land through to honey extraction, packaging and international distribution. This gives consumers full traceability of where their honey comes from.

     * All the products from Nelson Honey New Zealand are certified HALAL by The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ)

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