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  • Fourth generation of a family business that was founded in 1875
  • 100% Natural and 100% Organic
  • Ethically organic source approved by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Amount: 20 double chamber teabag - 2.5g
  • Rich in vitamin C to beautify skin complexion.
  • Strengthens immune system and ideal for cold and flu condition.
  • Helps control diarrhea.
  • Manufacturer: Chile
  • Expired : Nov 2023

Garden of The Andes Organic Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea (20bags)

  • For centuries, roses have grown freely in the Chilean Andean prairies. When their tender petals fade and fall, what's left is one of nature's most potent curative secrets: the rosehip. The exceptional colour, aroma and flavour of the rosehip tea is due to the diversified climate, soil condition and the water purity in this environment. The rosehip is also harvested by hand to preserve the essence of the herbs.

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