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NEW in Tea For Lifetime website!! The best Herb Supplement Tea from USA

Tea For Lifetime

Also available in Lazada!  

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Now avalaible at Wellings Pharmacy, Belissa Row, Georgetown, Penang

Tea Set in Tea for Lifetime

About Tea for Life

Food is good natural medicine, and not just in the self-medicating-with-chocolate way or with expensive medicine or supplement. Not only are whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals, but they're also specific natural herb and plant that loaded with phytonutrients that support the immune system, decrease inflammation in the body, and ward off chronic diseases. So next time you're suffering from obesities, a sleepless night, ezchema, any of these other ills or just to be healthy in a natural way, perhaps you can have a look of various of product that we offer in this website. We have thinks that, there is a cheap and more natural way to have a good and balance life. So as a sole distributor for almost 100 years Heath & Heather product from United Kingdom, we are proudly to present you almost 30 type of herb and natural remedies that was pack in infusion sachet that you can take it daily in most cheap and natural without any artifical igredients inside. Why we still bother to spent RM5.00 suplement per day instead spent less than RM1.00 per day if we have a choice? Please have a look various category that we list just for you in this page and if you need more info or to become our agent, contact us via our fanpage, email or by call.

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