• Specialist for Organic Herb & Spice since 1988
  • 100% Natural and 100% Kosher
  • Ethically source from approved Organic Organization with Europe Soil Association and NiMH
  • Packaging without plastic, palm oil free products, CO2 neutral economies and direct trade with organic farmers
  • Contained 50g of Organic Loose Raspberry Leaf.
  • Traditionally used to tone the uterus and aid in soothing menstrual cramps. Commonly used to help prepare the body for childbirth. Only use after 35 weeks of pregnancy. Start with 1 cup a day.
  • Manufacturer: Austria, Ingredients Origin: Albania & Bulgaria
  • Expired : October 2023

Sonnentor Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea - Loose tea (50g)

    • Beneficial for liver and kidney.
    • Enrichs and cleanses the blood of toxins.
    • Enhances breast milk production.
    • Helps to prevent miscarriage.
    • Regulates menstrual cycle, helps to ease painful or excessive menstruation and menopausal syndrome.


    The Raspberry leaves shimmers in an intense yellow when infused in water for brewing with its spicy-sweet honey note. The sweet mild taste is absolutely refreshing and pleasant.

    Usage Instruction:

    Suggested Serving: Raspberry leaves tea offers very pleasant sweet taste for light cooking. It rounds out pasta, vegetables or bitter lettuce. Even to a fine asparagus menu, it should be served. * In case of leucorrhoea (mucous discharge from genitals) simmer 1 tablespoon in 1 litre of water for 10 minutes, cover, cool, strain and use at room temperature as douche.