• Specialist for Organic Herb & Spice since 1988
  • 100% Natural and 100% Kosher
  • Ethically source from approved Organic Organization with Europe Soil Association
  • Packaging without plastic, palm oil free products, CO2 neutral economies and direct trade with organic farmers
  • Contained 50g of Organic Camomile Flowers in loose form
  • Delight your day with yellow? Let’s boil, brew and be blissful!
  • Promises a sweet fruity and floral fragrance experience
  • Preparation: one tea spoon per one cup (200 ml), add boiling water and let it infuse 5 – 10 min.
  • Country of Manufacturer: Austria, Ingredient Origin: Czech Republic
  • Expired: Jan 2024

Sonnentor Organic Camomile Tea - Loose Tea (50g)

  • The sweetish flower is particularly versatile in its application and is used not only by grandmothers as the Jack of all trades. Enjoyed with honey and lemon, chamomile tea is a classic during the cold season. Chamomile is also known as the herb of (motherly) love. The sun-loving flower is a versatile plant with many wonderful properties, which especially mothers and grandmothers like to bestow on their loved ones. demeter - as long as stock lasts Tastes The shimmering yellow Chamomile tea in the cup promises a sweet fruity and floral fragrance experience. It also offers a fruity-floral tea experience with an intensely sweet finish and a slight lemon note.


    Steep time in minutes: max. 10 / water temperature in ° C: 100