Nelson Honey’s Manuka Honey with Blackcurrant combines the antibacterial properties of Manuka Honey with powerful antioxidant properties of Blackcurrants grown in New Zealand. With MGO 100+ or equal UMF rating 5+, this manuka honey is among the highest antioxidant level from Nelson Honey.

         Manuka honey is collected by our honeybees from the Manuka flower. The honeybees collect and transform the nectar of the Manuka plant into honey by combining various digestive enzymes through a unique process. This naturally sweet Manuka Honey is rich in natural antioxidants and antibacterial activity.

         Our amazing Manuka Honey is sourced from pure, clean and unpopulated natural environments in remote parts of the top of the South Island of New Zealand. This special quality of Manuka honey is very rare and we are proud to share it with the rest of the world!

Blackcurrants contain high concentrations of anthocyanins, polyphenolics, antioxidants and other bioactives. Research shows Blackcurrants may support healthy cardiovascular, eye, digestive system and kidney function and may also assist with immune responsiveness.

Manuka Honey & Blackcurrant 250g MGO 100+

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  • Pioneering Beekeepers Since 1899

    Nelson Honey is owned by 4th generation
    pioneers who skillfully work with bees to craft natural health and skincare products. It is this experience that makes Nelson Honey’s products sought after globally.  As one of the largest family-owned honey business in New Zealand we manage the entire production and distribution process of our bee products in-house - from our own Manuka covered land through to honey extraction,
    packaging and international distribution. This gives consumers full traceability of where their honey comes from.

     * All the products from Nelson Honey New Zealand are certified HALAL by The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ)


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