• Honey gift set by Walter Lang with eight different organic honey dyes in the glass, the ideal gift for honey delicatessens and gourmets.
  • Including a color honey information manual with over 120 pages, with many explanations about organic honey in German.
  • Eucalyptus honey, Chestnut Honey, White Fir Honey, Marmeleiro Honey, Quillay Honey, Lavender Honey, Wild Lavender Honey, Linden Honey.
  • Perfect gift idea for all honey lovers.
  • 8 jars x 40 gram
  • Customised wish & gift card can be request to be included in the box.


Details of 8 type of honey:


  • Eucalyptus honey ( Eukalyptus-honig) - from Brazil, aromatic, slight caramel note.
  • Chestnut Honey (Edelkastanien-honig) -from Italy, noble dry, intense, resinous
  • White Fir Honey (Weisstannen-honig) - from Germany , elegant, slightly resinous note
  • Marmeleiro Honey (Marmeleiro-honig) - from Brazil, flowery & independent
  • Quillay Honey (Quillay-honig) - from Chile, intensity, flowery & aromatic
  • Lavender Honey (Lavendel-honig) - from France, fine- flowery, lovely & delicate.
  • Wild Lavender Honey (Wildlavendel-honig) - from Portugal, fine aromatic
  • Linden Honey.(Linden-honig) - from Germany, independant, slight mint note

Honey Gift Set - Walter Lang In Eight Glasses around the World Honey - 8 x 40g

  • The ideal honey gift set better than any gift basket with eight different honey delicacies from all over the world for every taste. You may request us to custom made gift card for your love one.

    Walter Lang In Eight Glasses around the World Honey Set. This set contains 8 organic honey specialties from all over the world. Varied and exotic. Discover the wonderful diversity of honey. The set includes a Walter Lang's honeybook with a lot of interesting information about the origin and history of the individual varieties. In Eight Glasses around the World is the perfect gift idea for all honey lovers. Depending on the availability of the individual varieties, the set may change slightly over the course of the year.

  • In 1974, the honey specialist Walter Lang began to produce the first honey unmixed. Just as the bee has produced it, and the beekeeper has hurled it, gently preparing and filling it. It is important for him to offer an authentic and natural product with the highest quality. In the course of time, Walter Lang has established direct contact with the beekeepers around the world and has launched many organic honey projects. Walter Lang works with his own apiaries and solid honey partners all over the world. In Germany, 500 beekeepers are farmed by the company Sonnentracht. In addition to the close-to-nature and appropriate beekeeping, the careful selection of the costume areas and the costume plants, which Walter Lang meets in close cooperation with the local farmers and foresters, is firmly linked to the philosophy of the honey producer. Go for a small world trip around the world of honey with our honey specialties. You get a total of eight glasses of 40g each of different types of honey. In addition to these eight honey specialties, you will also get the Honighand Book ( honey hand book ) of Walter Lang with a total of 126 pages in German. A good way to learn German also with help of Google translate.